• History of Palestine

    History of Palestine

    On 11/5/2023, we presented on the history of Palestine in light of the recent Ghazan genocide. Please find the presentation below: Additionally, here is a helpful interactive demonstrating the history of the oppression. Read more

  • Our Community Graduates

    Our Community Graduates

    This Spring, we had over 15 students graduate from all different grade levels. Some are beginning their journey from Elementary School to Middle School. Others have completed their terminal doctorate degrees and are now pursuing full-time work. We are proud of all our community members representing our Deen through excellence in education. Read more

  • Quarterly Picnic 3/12/2023

    Quarterly Picnic 3/12/2023

    We had our quarterly community picnic on Sunday and there was a pretty large turnout! We played Islamic Trivia, and there were prizes for the winners. The event was pot-luck style with guests bringing dishes from all over the world. Read more

  • Family Night 2/4/2023

    Family Night 2/4/2023

    Mufti Sultan from IFSF came and spoke on the rise of Atheism and what we should do as Muslims in light of this recent trend. Read more